Wedin International offers a complete list of replacement assemblies for virtually any machine—foreign or domestic. From custom ball screws to in-stock Acme screw products to any ball screw and nut assembly your machines require, we provide the tools and ball screw products necessary to maintain production. We proudly offer fast, dependable interchange with competitive prices, overnight delivery, and no minimum orders.

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In-stock ball screw, Custom acme screw assemblies, reversing screw assemblies, In-stock acme screw

Ball Screws

From high volume runs to the most unique, one-of-a-kind ball screw assemblies, we are able to handle any requirement you may have. Our production staff is equipped with the skills and equipment to manufacture the ball screw products and parts you need to your exact specification.

Need your ball screw sooner? Ask us about our in-stock ball screws.

  • No length restrictions
  • 1/2 inch to 19 inches in diameter along with all metric sizes ranging from 10mm to 482mm in diameter
In-stock ball screw, Custom acme screw assemblies, reversing screw assemblies, In-stock acme screw

Customized Acme Screw Products and Nuts

Wedin International manufactures all types and styles of Acme screws and nuts. Through the years, we have manufactured Acme screw assemblies for nearly every machine tool in existence. We’ve never refused an order for a ball screw and nut assembly or any other ball screw product because we could not obtain the form, lead, number of starts nor the length and diameter.

  • 1/8 inch to 22 inches in diameter along with all metric sizes
  • No length restrictions under 6 inches in diameter and along with all metric sizes
In-stock ball screw, Custom acme screw assemblies, reversing screw assemblies, In-stock acme screw

Reversing Screws and Housing Assemblies

We have been the leader in manufacturing reversing screw assemblies for over 40 years. Reversing screw assemblies create a continuous uniform linear motion in two directions without changing the rotational direction of the shaft. To eliminate the high cost and long production time, Wedin International developed design standards that allow us to provide a simple, economical and functional product. With over 1500 variations of reversing screws, Wedin International is able to provide you with a fast and efficient replacement solution for your ball screw products. If our stock of reversing screws does not meet your requirements, our knowledgeable and skilled team can manufacture them to your specifications.

  • Stock sizes ¾ inch to 2 inches in diameter Custom sizes from 2” to 6” diameter
  • Length can be adjusted to customer specifications
In-stock ball screw, Custom acme screw assemblies, reversing screw assemblies, In-stock acme screw

In-Stock Acme Screws and Nuts

At Wedin International, we understand the need for fast turnaround time, which is why we keep a selection of our Acme screws along with standard and adjustable style Acme nuts in stock at all times. These assemblies are designed to be machined to customer requirements, if necessary, to custom mounting requirements. Our stock Acme screws are manufactured from “stress proof” steel, a material that is easily machinable, stable, and has good longevity characteristics.

Wedin has introduced a stock adjustable nut assembly for application where control of backlash is essential for precision movements. Available in both “Pillow Block” and “Flange” mountings our adjustable nut assemblies are pre-set when they are shipped. Our adjustable nut design has been quality tested and provides optimum wear and accuracy for the life of the assembly, giving our customers a large value on the return on their investment in ball screw products.

Stock Acme Screws:
  • “1/2 inch, 3/4 inch,1 inch, 1 ¼ inch, 1 ½ inch diameters”
  • 4,5,6,8, and 10 pitch screws
Stock Acme Nuts:
  • 2 styles – flange and pillow block
  • Thread diameters range from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch
  • Offer adjustable nuts for each style, along with backlash compensation options
In-stock ball screw, Custom acme screw assemblies, reversing screw assemblies, In-stock acme screw

Gears and Splines

Wedin International can handle more than just your acme screws and ball screws. We can also manufacture gears and splines for any application. With our wide selection of gear tooling, you can trust us to have the equipment needed for any gear and spline fabrication project. Among our services, we also manufacture gear boxes for several applications. Through reverse engineering of your broken gear or spline, our experts can provide an exact match of your original part’s pitch angle, pressure angle, and helix. Wedin International can create gears and splines for many industries, with everything from aerospace to military applications.


  • Able to manufacture up to AGMA 14
  • Reverse engineering to create exact-matched gears and splines

Other Products We Offer

  • Wide variety of plastics such as Nylon and Delrin
  • Specialty Thread Forms
  • Ball Screw Support Bearing Blocks
  • Lead Screw Applications
  • Spindles
  • Feed & Draw Bars
  • Bearing Kits
  • Wide variety of Bronze, Brass and Ampco materials
  • Plastic Acme Screws & Nuts
  • Power Supplies
  • Moglice and Babbit Nut assemblies
  • Encoders
  • Acme ½ nuts and other custom designed Acme nuts
  • Multiple start threads up to 24 starts
  • N/C & CNC Controls
  • AC & DC Drives, Controls, and Servo Motors

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