Ball Screw Assemblies

At Wedin International, we’re your premier provider for the highest-quality ball screw assemblies manufactured anywhere, able to handle any requirement you might have for your ball screws. Whether you need the most precise ball screw; a completely unique, one-of-a-kind ball screw assembly to fit within your custom system; or high volume runs of a certain ball screw, Wedin has the capability and capacity to handle any request you might have. With our years of industry-leading experience and a team full of expert ball screw manufacturers, no matter what type of ball screw assembly you need fabricated, we can make it happen.

How Ball Screw Assemblies Work

A ball screw assembly in the simplest sense is made up of a screw and a nut with matching helical grooves where ball bearings roll within. These ball bearings act as the main point of contact between the nut and screw, making for less friction than other variations. When the screw or nut rotates, the balls within circulate through a ball return system that places them back within the ball nut and circulates through as a full system.

What Ball Screw Assemblies Are Used For

Within a system, ball screw assemblies work by translating rotational motion into linear motion, helping to move control surfaces within machinery like CNC machines and milling machines, and other high-precision equipment to name a few. With their low internal friction while in operation, ball screws are seen as an effective solution to working with high-thrust loads.

If you have any comments or concerns about our ball screw assemblies or would like to learn more about how we can manufacture precision ball screws for your business or products, get in touch with us today. If you need a ball screw sooner, ask about our inventory of in-stock assemblies. We’re looking forward to working with you