Precision Ball Screws

When smooth and accurate motion is necessary for all manufacturing sectors, you should look to the ball screw to provide your operations with the peak performance they require. For precision ball screws across disparate applications, look to Wedin International, where we’ve specialized in ball screw assemblies, custom ball screws, and other industrial parts since 1936.

How Do Ball Screw Assemblies Work?

A ball screw assembly consists of the screw itself, whose shaft contains helical grooves. The nut rides along the screw with matching helical grooves. Within those grooves are the ball bearings that give the part its name. By installing ball bearings as the point of contact between nut and screw, ball screw assemblies operate with highly reduced friction and, thus, less wear. Over this increased lifespan, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that this part will operate without diminished performance—especially in applications where diminished performance is not an option.

Who Uses Ball Screw Assemblies?

Precision ball screws are where rotational motion becomes linear motion. It’s in this manner that you could say such an assembly quite literally keeps your operations in line. Industries in which moving parts need to operate with the strict precision of concentrated linear motion make use of the ball screw assembly. Ball screws are integral to CNC tooling, where lathes and mills must cut with the utmost attention to detail. Robotics manufacturers incorporate ball screw assemblies as well to keep robots’ movements exact. Your automobile’s power steering relies on a ball screw to redirect rotation into linear force.

Can You Customize a Ball Screw?

The relative simplicity of the ball screw assembly lends it considerable versatility, but as uses for precision ball screws evolve, one size still does not fit all. That’s why Wedin International specializes in custom ball screws for situations that call for updated, unorthodox, or one-of-a-kind specifications. With our manufacturing capabilities, we can produce the custom ball screws your project needs. Let’s talk applications, specs, and standards for excellence. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.