Wedin International is a family owned and operated company that is the leading provider of quality machine tool drive components and all motion and linear control systems. Founded in 1936 in Ferndale, Michigan, Wedin International started as a corporation that was a major supplier of thread gages and mechanical drive applications for automotive supply. We have since continued to provide machine tool drive components and all motion and linear control systems for a variety of machines.

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A history of values.

Industry Leader

Largest ball screw manufacturedPaving the way for the industry, Wedin International has created a system that allows us to provide high quality products while continuing to innovate. We have created Acme standards, recognized by the United States Government, as a way to increase accuracy within the industry.

Our industry leading quality and service has allowed us to team up with machine tool manufacturers to become their exclusive replacement and spare parts provider. This allows Wedin International to provide customers with the exact replacement part that their machine calls for, eliminating the chances of ordering the wrong part. In all the years, we have worked with many machine tool manufacturers and have been the OEMs preferred vendor for Machine builders, such as:

  • Cincinnati Milacron
  • Bullard
  • Devlieg
  • American Tool
  • Sundstrand
  • Lees-Bradner
  • Fellows
  • Bryant Grinder
  • Lodge & Shipley
  • Gray Machine
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Wysong & Miles
  • Tree Machine Tool
  • Pacific Press
  • Gleason Works
  • Brown & Sharpe
  • Bridgeport

American Made Quality

Wedin International historyThrough the years Wedin International has been supplying and servicing those in the machining industry. We are able to provide these users with quality American made solutions for their machine tools. Unlike others in the industry, at Wedin International we do all of our work at our Cadillac, Michigan facility, from part design to machining and assembly. By keeping all of the work in-house we have complete control of the quality of the product we provide our clients with and a service and product that they can rely on.

With our attention focused on creating an American made products of the utmost quality, our customers can rest assured that their parts will stand the test of time. In the 1950’s the Atomic Energy Commission selected Wedin International to manufacture fuel rods, which are still in use today, a level of quality that can only come from an American manufacturer.

Expert Craftsmanship

At Wedin International we truly enjoy the work that we do and always find ways to solve any challenges our customers are having. Our team has been involved in many projects that have involved working with extraordinary specifications.  During the 1990’s Wedin International was selected to build 8 of the largest ball screws ever manufactured, utilizing a 6″ diameter and over 54 feet long  machined from a single piece of material for observatories in Hawaii and Chile. With the skills and knowledge necessary, our team was able to make this seemingly impossible project, possible.

No matter the project we are presented with, whether it is building the largest ball screw or manufacturing reversing screw and levelwind assemblies, Wedin International sends customers only the highest quality product. We believe that our quality products are our best salesman, and that’s something our team stands behind.