Ball Screw Engineering.

Custom Ball Screws

Wedin International has developed the experience to manufacture any machine tool component. Using in-depth ball screw engineering, we offer a complete service, from rapid prototyping to full production runs, enabling your machines to produce a high-quality product while achieving maximum efficiency. We utilize various high-precision manufacturing processes to leave you with the best possible ball screw engineering services available anywhere, working to exceed your expectations during every step of the building process. Our team is available to help with work overflow, special projects, the creation of custom ball screws, or other services that your company may require.

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Our ball screw engineering services team can help aid your company in maximizing the production of old machinery. We do this by reverse engineering and designing new parts to fit older machines. After working with many industries that depend on ball screws, we take ball screw engineering seriously, working to provide you with a part to fit your needs. Through careful disassembly, analysis, drafting, and design processes, Wedin International has the capabilities to fully develop a new part for your machinery, guaranteed to be a perfect fit, while still offering the same functionality that you demand for your operations. At Wedin International, we have the capabilities to reverse engineer, rebuild and refurbish ball screws, gears, splines, slide assemblies, special shafts, housings, and any special type of thread form, no matter the manufacturer (foreign or domestic), while also helping you develop your own custom ball screws for unique applications. We take various careful and in-depth steps and procedures throughout our ball screw engineering services to ensure your completed product is exactly what you were expecting and nothing less.

The various additional ball screw engineering services we can handle include:

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns about our ball screw engineering, rebuilding, or refurbishing services for ball and lead screws, gears, splines, or any other type of machine tool component, contact us today. We look forward to working with you soon to provide you with all your ball screw engineering and custom ball screw manufacturing needs.