Wedin International repairs, refurbishes, and manufactures ANY ball screw quickly and effectively.

Ball Screw Manufacturer 

Wedin is an American Ball Screw Manufacturer and Acme Lead Screw Supplier for quality machine tool components. From Ball Screw Manufacturing and Repair to acme lead screws and acme nuts, we’re your premier Ball Screw Manufacturer and Repair Company. Contact us today!

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Experienced Manufacturers of Ball Screw Assemblies, Acme Screws and Nuts, Gears and Splines.

With a large selection of stock ball screws, acme screws, and nuts, Wedin International is the ball screw manufacturer and lead screw supplier for you. We have all the parts you need—whenever you need them.

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  • precision ball screw repair company
    24/7 service dedicated to quick repairs of any ball screw assembly.

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Your Specialists for

Custom Engineered Machine Components.

Need a custom part? Wedin International can support projects that require custom design and machining, from custom ball screw manufacturing to gears to complete machine assemblies.

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a history of quality. family. ingenuity.

Since 1936, Wedin International has been the leading manufacturer of quality machine tool components, such as ball screw assemblies, Acme lead screws, and Acme nuts. Wedin is also a lead screw supplier; plus, we specialize in in ball screw repair. We pride ourselves on continuing our tradition as a family-owned company dedicated to providing high-quality, American-made products.

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