Ball Screw Engineering Services

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When trusted manufacturing or industrial machinery begins to fail and required parts are no longer widely available, you may think your only option is an expensive replacement. Ball screw engineering services from Wedin may provide a more cost-effective solution, though.

Wedin has developed and optimized reverse ball screw engineering processes that can result in parts that fit and function perfectly. We’ll carefully disassemble, examine, and analyze your machinery. We can repair and refurbish parts where possible, or we can design and manufacture replacement parts where necessary. We can do this whether the original manufacturer is foreign or domestic.

Wedin can also help you develop your own custom ball screws for your specialized applications. Our in-depth steps and detailed procedures throughout our ball screw engineering services ensure your completed product is seamlessly functional and provides the solution you need.

Precision parts built especially for your machines from detailed designs based on a thorough and expert analysis can make your older machinery run more productively and efficiently. You may find additional cost savings occur simply by making your machines run better with new parts designed to match the machine’s original configuration.

We can also create a new design to meld with an older machine, enabling your machines to produce more of what you need in less time—perhaps even using less energy and causing less wear on both new and existing parts. Wedin can advise you on the best ways to optimize your machinery’s performance using custom-built parts, refurbished parts, or add-on parts designed to work smoothly with your machines.

Whether you need a few replacement parts or a big refurbishment project, contact Wedin to discuss how we can help keep your production running without the expense of entirely new machinery.