Ball Screw Assembly Design

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Wedin International has the expertise to provide ball screw assembly design services for any type of machine or application. Our precision process begins with a detailed design according to your specifications. Years of experience go into creating precisely the kind of ball screw assembly you need.

Ball screw assemblies are more complicated than they look. Each part must fit perfectly to provide seamless operation with minimal friction. Each piece must work harmoniously with every other part, from the screw and its channels to the nut that encloses the ball bearings to the ball return mechanism. We have worked with ball screws with diameters from ½ inch up to 19 inches with minimal or no length restrictions. We can create a custom ball screw assembly to improve an existing machine’s operation or work with new machinery just coming online.

Our engineers use the latest technologies to ensure precision designs. We work with computer-assisted design programs and simulations to measure load-bearing capacity and stress points in designs and create solutions according to our customers’ needs.

In addition to complete ball screw assembly design, Wedin International provides reversing screws and housing assemblies and stock Acme screws and nuts, as well as gears and splines. We can reverse engineer a worn or broken part and provide a replacement that’s like new, even when replacement parts are no longer available on the market for the machine that needs them.

New or refreshed ball screw assemblies can save you money by making your older machines run more efficiently with less wear. You may even find production increases with refurbished parts produced through our engineering services.

Contact Wedin International for all your ball screw, lead screw, reversing screw, gear, and spline needs. If we don’t have what you need in stock, we’ll make it for you.