Ball Screw System Testing

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Automotive and aerospace industries, as well as all sectors of manufacturing, use ball screws to provide the crucial translation of rotational power to linear power. Machinery that uses this technology can be complex and require great precision to work properly. Wedin provides ball screw system testing backed by our 85 years of experience in designing and manufacturing quality machine tool drive components and motion and linear control systems.

Our expertise is recognized by some of the best-known brands in the machine tool industry; these companies have chosen Wedin as their preferred replacement parts manufacturer. To meet the exacting specifications of the brands that rely on us, Wedin performs ball screw system testing to ensure the parts we make perfectly meet requirements.

When we manufacture or reverse engineer parts for your machinery, we know you are relying on us to ensure the part will fit and function correctly. Once we have created designs for parts that must play a critical role in a complex machine system, we manufacture and conduct ball screw system testing to ensure our designs will get the job done.

We work with various materials, including plastics, to produce the precision part your machinery requires. In addition, we can provide the CAD support drawings, finite element analysis, and mechanical calculations you may need to keep a record of the design for the parts you’re using.

The conversion of rotational motion to linear motion within industrial, automotive, or manufacturing machinery requires meticulous attention to machining and assembly—followed by testing. We conduct ball screw system testing on each of our ball screw assemblies to ensure they work as expected for the application you require.

Contact Wedin International for all your ball screw needs. We are the company that made some of the world’s largest ball screws machined from a single piece of material for use in observatories in Chile and Hawaii. We provide 24/7 emergency ball screw repairs. Whether we’re working on an emergency basis or a complex refurbishment project, you can trust that we test every ball screw assembly within a system to ensure functionality and durability. When products pass our testing procedures, we’ll ship them directly to you to keep your machines working efficiently.