Custom Screws & Nuts

You’ve heard that football is a game of inches. You could say that machine tooling is a game of millimeters. However, as ensuring the performance of mills, lathes, and other tools is a matter of having the right parts at just the right sizes, we believe it’s more than just a game.

Not every machine tool works with mass-market screws and nuts. Some proprietary models call for specifications that a simple catalog order cannot satisfy. At Wedin International, we use our years of experience with various tools and parts to offer custom screws and nuts for machines and models that call for some slight adjustments to work at their best.

Why Go Custom?

An Acme screw is a specific construction of lead screw, which converts rotational motion to linear motion without the use of ball bearings. A well-designed Acme screw handles heavy loads at affordable price points while protecting its machine from the destructive phenomenon of backdriving (in which a failed screw instead converts linear motion to rotational motion). However, even a well-designed Acme screw can be the wrong fit for the right application. This necessitates custom Acme screws or other custom fasteners.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to address this by designing and manufacturing custom Acme screws and nuts for any applications that require them. Our advanced machining technologies allow us to provide the parts you need for your own advanced machining technologies, delivering flawless fits for every order. To date, we’ve satisfied every order we’ve received.

How We Do It

Our process is a thorough one. When you partner with Wedin International for your custom screws and nuts, we’ll go over every specification that your project calls for: thread depth, pitch, length, diameter, and more. We can design Acme screws and nuts in both English and metric units for a truly international market. We can even customize the alloys with which we construct these integral parts on your behalf.

If your system calls for custom screws and nuts, turn to Wedin International. If you wish to learn more about our services, how we provide them, and how we can deliver just the finished product you need, contact us today.