Custom Acme Screws & Nuts

Custom Acme Screws and Nuts

At Wedin International, through our years of experience in designing and manufacturing various types and styles of Acme screws and nuts, we’ve worked with almost every machine tool style in existence. If you need someone to design and manufacture any custom acme screws and nuts for your specific machine system, Wedin International can take care of you. Through our entire experience creating custom acme lead screws, we’ve never failed to complete an order. We use our advanced machining technologies and highly precise manufacturing to ensure specifications are perfectly met, providing you with a finished product to flawlessly fit within your system.

When working with us to create the ideal custom acme screws and nuts for your system, we’ll work through all your details to make sure each specification is met, whether it be thread depth, pitch, length, or diameter. We even offer various materials for your custom acme screws and nuts, depending on your system’s needs and the strength and durability required for operation. We can handle any diameter from 1/2 inch and up, including all metric sizes.

For more information on the custom acme lead screws and nuts we manufacture at Wedin International or to learn more about the processes we utilize to create a finished product, get in touch with us today.