In Stock Acme Screws & Nuts

Acme Screws and Nuts

At Wedin International, we understand just how important Acme screws and nuts can be to the success of your system’s operations. In the event of a breakdown or malfunction from your existing acme lead screw, you’ll want to have replacements acquired as soon as possible to get your system back up and running. Wedin International keeps a selection of many standard- and adjustable-sized Acme screws in-stock at all times. These Acme lead screws can be further machined down to fit a customer’s specifications, if necessary, without having to build an entirely new Acme screw and nut—this saves you time and hassle in the long run. Using stress-proof steel as the primary material for the lead screws, we can easily machine your parts to the exact length and diameter you require, while remaining stable with good longevity characteristics.

With the capability to handle very precise movements, we offer our in-stock lead screws with mating acme nuts in both Pillow block and Flange mountings that are ready to be installed when they are shipped. With quality-built parts, precise assembly, and thorough testing and quality control, Wedin can confidently bring our customers a large value on the return of their investment in our Acme screws and nuts.

For more information on our in-stock Acme screws and nuts, as well as how we work to produce products exactly to your specifications, get in touch with us at Wedin International today.