Gears and Splines

At Wedin International, we can manufacture any style of gear or spline to fit within your system. Through the years, we have collected and drawn prints for nearly every type of gear and/or spline configuration. With a large supply of gear tooling on hand, we can eliminate the high cost of tooling charges, saving you time and money while being fully prepared for any gear or spline manufacturing task you present to us. We have the capability to manufacture gears with any type of pressure angles and axial pitches.

Our company can manufacture the smallest of pump style gears to the largest bull gears and provide ground gears to AGMA 14. Wedin can manufacture a new gear or spline for any machine tool, foreign or domestic. Our engineers, through reverse engineering of your sample part, can calculate the necessary pitch angle, pressure angles and helix to match that of your original gears and splines. Even if the gear is broken or the original manufacturer of your machine is no longer in business, simply send us the broken gear and its mating part for quoting. Let our gear and spline manufacturing services help you revitalize your older machinery without paying the high cost for an OEM replacement.

Some of the common gear and spline configurations that we manufacture include:

  • Worm Gears
  • Spur Gears
  • Straight Splines
  • Bevel Gears
  • Rack
  • Helical Gears
  • Involute Splines

Module, Diametrical and Circular Pitches are manufactured daily in our plant. We have the engineering expertise to design and manufacture custom built Gear Boxes for applications. Aerospace, Nuclear, Commercial, Military, Oil Field, Dredging, several Automotive, Chemical and Textile – our engineers can design any gear box to your specification. We also reverse engineer and manufacture the internals to help with rebuilding or break down situations. For more information on the gears and splines we can manufacture for you at Wedin International, get in touch with us today. Or if you need repairs for existing gears and splines, we can help with this as well.