What Kinds of Applications Use High-load Ball Screws?

Ball screws are an excellent choice for linear control systems, and they’re used in many types of machines and equipment. Loads vary in different applications, and it’s essential to use the proper ball screw for each load. Understanding what kinds of applications use high-load ball screws is helpful when deciding which type of ball screw you should use for the job. In this article, we’ll look at what those applications are.

What Is a High-load Ball Screw?

A high-load ball screw works like a regular ball screw, using a nut that rides along a threaded metal shaft. As a motor turns the shaft, ball bearings roll along the shaft’s thread, recirculating and distributing the load. In the case of a high-load ball screw, it has a greater load-bearing capacity than a regular ball screw.

When To Use a High-load Ball Screw

With screws available up to 15 m long and with a diameter up to 160 mm, high-load ball screws can handle load capacities up to 1,440 kN (kilonewtons). Here are a few examples of what you might need to use a high-load ball screw for:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Injection molding
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Industrial security gates
  • Mills
  • Plasma cutters
  • Automatic welders

Applications like the ones mentioned require a ball screw that can handle high loads using precise and short strokes.

Which Type of Ball Screw Do You Need?

To understand whether an application needs a regular or high-load ball screw, you need to understand the load. Your ball screw manufacturer is best at determining this so that you get the right screw for load, precision, and speed.

Keep your linear motion control in equipment and machines running efficiently with ball screws. Learn what kinds of applications use high-load ball screws, so together with your ball screw manufacturer, you can determine the best ball screw for the application.

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