What Is Reverse Engineering and How Is It Done?

What Is Reverse Engineering and How Is It Done?

Few machine parts can withstand the test of time. When a piece requires repair, it’s much easier to replace the malfunctioning components rather than the entire device or machine. Thanks to reverse engineering, we are able to make the parts replacement process possible and efficient.

Let’s take a further look at how reverse engineering works!

What Is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering—also known as back engineering—breaks down the components to their original design construction to reveal information about the problem. Typically, this looks like the deconstruction of individual pieces of a larger product.

There are often limits on the amount of information regarding the original methods used to build the product. By deconstructing the product layer by layer, you gain access to general knowledge and rebuild. Essentially, you’re working backward through the initial design.

How Does It Work?

If professionals in an organization need to reverse engineer a product, they acquire a sample of the product in question and work backways to understand its internal system. This allows engineers to uncover pertinent information regarding the design and construction of the product.

Let’s say a product needs to get reverse engineered, but it’s two years old, and the manufacturer has gone out of business. By using computer-aided design drawings (CAD), the engineers can create two and three-dimensional renderings to analyze the product.

What Is the Purpose?

When reverse engineering is successful, it provides the engineering team with a digital blueprint of the original designs. This is one of the most accurate ways for a manufacturer to recreate, repair, or adjust designs that are decades old. When you think about how reverse engineering works, it allows for old products to come back to life or provide helpful insight to create a new model.

After some basic knowledge of reverse engineering, we hope you now understand and can make the best decision for your product services. Contact Wedin International, a reliable source for all your lead screw repair needs.