What Is a Reversing Screw and How Does It Work?

What Is a Reversing Screw and How Does It Work?

A ball screw assembly works to convert rotating motion to linear motion through a series of mechanical functions. But there are instances where single directional changes are necessary, and a ball screw assembly is too complex. Let’s look at what is a reversing screw and how it works, and its best uses based on need.

What Is a Reversing Screw?

Depending on the application, the point of the screw assembly is to change directions with the transfer in motion. But when the directional shifts require less mechanical change, a ball screw assembly can cause issues. When it comes to how a reversing screw works, its basic functions convert motion in a singular direction for the purpose of reversing it, instead of changing directions entirely.

They also increase efficiency because of the nut’s alignment with the screw’s threading. This perfect match of the nut and grooves allows for a complete reciprocation in motion. You might also know the reversing screw as a level winder or spoiling screw because it can wind heavy cables with high success rates.

Where Is It Applied?

Because there are a variety of screws available, each with its own functions, it’s critical to understand an application’s rotational needs when selecting a screw assembly. The most optimal location for a reversing screw is in an instance where reversed motion is necessary, such as a crane winding a rope.

Another common application where reserving screws are essential is in offshore industries where heavy spooling on winches is necessary.

Customized Screws

Upon learning you need custom ball screws, finding and utilizing a quality manufacturer is critical. Getting these grooves and the transfer of motion correct can make or break your application and the screws used. Ensure you have the desired specifications, and our team at Wedin International can ensure the rest.

Our team of engineers has been providing screw assemblies for over 40 years with quality assurance and customized care. We carry a stock and can customize your specifications to your design needs—from cable and hose to rope and yarn. Each application requires accuracy and efficiency. To learn more about how a reversing screw works, reach out to us today!