What Goes Into Refurbishing Damaged Ball Screws

What Goes Into Refurbishing Damaged Ball Screws

Generally, when your CNC machine shows inaccuracies, the thrust components and the ball screws are subject to damage. This does not typically mean you need a new machine or ball screw assembly, but you could waste a lot of money on replacement parts and pieces without a proper evaluation. Luckily, there is a way to refurbish the existing ball screws and get your equipment running again.

Inspection Process

Our engineers will thoroughly inspect the ball screws assembly and machine’s tool. This process is essential in understanding exactly what’s wrong with the assembly before continuing a failing operation. The information retrieved from the inspection process will relay a diagnosis to the engineering team, and all data can be useful in the future.

Some aspects of the inspection process include:

  • Photographs outlining the nut’s direction
  • Running condition monitored for preloading on the ball nut
  • Total disassembly of the assembly
  • Assembly straightness and accuracy inspected


The inspection process will showcase a clear direction to best assist in a refurbishing process. An economical way for many facilities and companies to save money is by going through a regrinding process. This can correct the ball screw’s inaccuracies and minimize downtime.

The regrinding process includes some of the following:

  • Straightening the screw’s shaft and inspecting the threading and diameter
  • Ensuring an accurate grind in the threads by removing corrosion or other signs of damage
  • An optical examination of the screw’s radius to ensure adequate conformity
  • Once regrinding occurs, an engineer performs a lead accuracy test


Sometimes, a new nut is necessary with the original mounting and ball screws. Generally, a new nut includes increased accuracy and capacity, which can assist in prolonging the life of ball screw assemblies. It’s essential to understand and disclose all components such as lubrication, contamination, operating load, and critical speed so a refurbished nut can align with the existing configurations.

In the event your assembly cannot undergo refurbishing, Wedin International can design a custom assembly to fit the appropriate machines. To learn more about our ball and lead screw repair services, reach out to Wedin today!