Using Finite Element Analysis in Ball Screw Manufacturing

Using Finite Element Analysis in Ball Screw Manufacturing

Ball screws convert rotary motion into linear motion and are an economical choice for manufacturing machines and aircrafts, use in the automotive industry, and robotics. In this article, we’ll discuss the use of finite element analysis in ball screw manufacturing and how it helps determine if a ball screw can handle the job.

What Is Finite Element Analysis?

Finite element analysis is commonly used in engineering and mathematical models when solving equations. It helps determine possible issues such as potential structural problems, heat transfer, mass transport, fluid flow, and electromagnetic potential. In ball screw manufacturing, finite element analysis is used primarily to detect heat transfer.

Ball Screws and Heat Transfer

Each ball screw is designed for a different job. They aren’t one size fits all. When it comes to thermal transmission and heat generation, the variations depend on rotational speed. The position of the ball screw during different points of rotation influences the transfer of heat. If too much heat is transferred, the ball screw will wear out quickly, and the machine it’s used for will not operate properly. That’s where finite element analysis comes in.

Determining Heat Transfer Using Finite Element Analysis

Using mathematical models through specialized software, FEA (finite element analysis) determines or predicts the outcome of an assembly or part of the assembly when likely conditions are present. These mathematical models help find stress, tension, and weak spots.

The benefit of FEA is that manufacturers can easily see how a specific ball screw stands up to the test when faced with the challenges it would likely face as it’s implemented in an assembly. Determining heat transfer and its effects is the best way to find the right ball screw for the job.

Ball screws are an excellent choice when transferring rotational motion to linear motion is essential. At Wedin International, we specialize in ball screw engineering. Thanks to our decades of experience, Wedin can customize ball screws according to the assembly they’re needed for. Contact us for more information on finite element analysis and ball screw manufacturing, and with all your ball screw needs.