Using Ball Screws for Aerospace Applications

Using Ball Screws for Aerospace Applications

Using ball screws for aerospace applications has many advantages. Ball screws offer high efficiency mechanically, and for some, they offer up to three times the efficiency as conventional screws. Let’s take a more detailed look at how ball screws apply to various aerospace functions.

Flap Actuators

There are various ball screw drives available for flap applications with actuators. A few solutions provided are spherical and gimbal suspensions, in addition to modular systems.

The flap actuator in air science is the device that controls the wing’s flap. The flaps are adjustable and reside on the edge of the wing, which allows extension and retraction of the surface area. This process makes flying at lower speeds more efficient.

Electromechanical Actuators

The application of an electromechanical actuator allows for solutions in door actuators and air-conditioning. A mechanical actuator replaces the handle or control knob of a system. The linear displacement is the conversion of the rotary motor—further simplifying the design.

Actuators for Braking Systems

The brake system actuator is an excellent solution for high load capacities. The brakes activate after the compressed air converts into mechanical air through force. Without an actuator, an air braking system would fail.

All prototypes are put through rigorous testing to ensure accuracy and viable outcomes. They are also subject to environmental conditions before or during the testing phase.

Endurance Testing

An essential part of developmental and qualification processes is life testing. The test simulates the functions of the actuator and provides similar environmental conditions the screw is subject to.

Space and Unmanned Air Transportation

As reliable partners with space travel and aerospace engineering, we offer lead and ball screw drives that contribute to missile fin control and crewless air transport.

No matter the requirement per your industry, our ball screw and nut assembly products are quality and reliable. Our manufacturing resources allow us to provide for any industry. Contact Wedin International today and see how we can help you with ball screws for aerospace applications.