Selecting a Ball Screw Assembly

Selecting a Ball Screw Assembly

Ball screw assemblies are used in machines across industries, which means that the assemblies must be made to accommodate a number of possible uses. Do you know how to choose the best ball screw for your project? Read this guide to learn which factors are most important to consider when selecting a ball screw assembly.

Determine System Requirements

Before choosing a ball screw assembly, you’ll need to determine the system requirements of the machine in which you’ll be using the ball screw. You’ll need to determine:

  • Load Weight
  • Plane of Operation
  • System Repeatability
  • System Speed
  • Travel Length
  • Any additional factors in your machine that will impact the function of the ball screw

Elements of the Screw

After determining your system’s requirements, you may now move on to determining the specific elements you will need in a ball screw for that system.

Applied Load

When selecting a ball screw assembly, you must be aware of the load that your machine will require the ball screw to bear, as well as the maximum axial load that the screw itself can bear. If a ball screw assembly is subjected to a greater load than it can handle, it will begin to buckle under the weight. Further, you’ll need to determine whether your ball screw assembly will be mounted horizontally or vertically, as this will impact the placement of the load. The axial load that a machine places upon a ball screw assembly must be less than the assembly’s maximum axial load.

Ball Screw Life

The life expectancy of a ball screw is the expected amount of time, revolutions, or distance that the ball screw will function before it shows breakage or signs of wear. The lifespan of a ball screw can be calculated using the basic dynamic load rating, which is calculated using the load placed on the screw and the screw’s number of revolutions.

Maximum Rotational Speed

The maximum rotational speed of a ball screw is the number of times that a screw can safely rotate per minute. Choose a ball screw that has a maximum rotational speed at least as great as the rotational speed required in your machine.


The accuracy of a ball screw assembly is another factor to consider when making your choice. If your machine is one that requires more accuracy, choose a ball screw with high precision.

Now that you’ve learned about each of these factors in choosing the right ball screw assembly, you’ll be able to choose the right one for your machine. Ball screw repair companies like Wedin International, Inc. manufacture and repair ball screw assemblies for use in several industries. Whether you are in the medical, agricultural, automotive, or another of the many industries we serve, we will help you find the right part for your project.