Proper Ball Screw Assembly Maintenance

Proper Ball Screw Assembly Maintenance

On the whole, ball screw assemblies are a fairly low maintenance type of hardware. Certain ball screw assemblies are even marketed as never needing maintenance or repairs during their lifespans. Despite these claims, proper ball screw assembly maintenance is required for any assembly to keep it functioning smoothly without the need for repairs. Here are some tips for keeping your ball screw assembly well-maintained.

Take the Load and Life Ratings Into Account

Each ball screw assembly comes with both a load and life rating. When using your ball screw assembly, pay attention to its load rating and don’t exceed what is recommended. Otherwise, your assembly will become overloaded, leading to damage or breakage and a decreased lifespan. If your assembly has already exceeded its lifespan and is underperforming or breaking, it may be time to replace the assembly altogether.

Keep It Lubricated

To practice proper ball screw assembly maintenance, make sure that your hardware is adequately lubricated. Proper ball screw lubrication minimizes the friction between the threads and ball bearings of the assembly as it moves. This reduced friction significantly extends the lifespan of the assembly. Check the lubrication system of your ball screw assembly regularly, and be sure to choose the kind of lubrication that correlates to the type of load the assembly bears.

Clean Frequently

A dirty ball screw assembly can also inhibit the performance of the screw and lead to faster wear. Dirt and debris that get inside the circuits of the assembly can lead to clogging and physical wear. Chemicals can also damage the assembly by interfering with its lubricant. To keep your ball screw assembly clean, try adding a seal around the screw to keep these chemicals and debris from getting in.

Proper ball screw assembly maintenance is important, and you should examine and assess your ball screw assembly regularly for any issues that you may need to address. If your assembly begins to wear out despite proper use and maintenance, you may need to investigate ball screw repair at a company like Wedin International, Inc. We’ll help you get your screw back into working condition and can help you find a replacement if necessary.