Emergency Ball Screw Repair

At Wedin International, we understand how important the success of your ball screw assemblies is to your entire machine system’s success. In the event of a breakdown or any other malfunction of your lead screw assemblies, Wedin can provide you with emergency ball screw repair services that get your system back up and running, keeping machine downtime to the absolute minimum.

Whether breakage was caused by an electrical malfunction or operator error, any critical error can leave your entire system at a standstill. Luckily for you, Wedin has the years of experience and professional machinists to help remanufacture and repair any damaged parts with our emergency ball screw repair services. After you notice a critical error with your ball screw, remember:

  • Do not operate the machine.
  • Do not attempt disassembly of the nut from the screw. Instead, remove the end bearings, seals, and drive coupling.
  • We can identify the problem and find a solution. We can straighten bent screws, replace broken journals, and weld and reground stripped v-threads.

Evaluation and Solution

The process’s first step is to send your damaged ball screw or entire assembly into us, where we will then perform an evaluation to find the exact issues that need careful attention. Once the problem’s root has been found, we will provide you with different options for a solution, all while paying attention to your needs and timeframe for emergency ball screw repair. No matter the issue with your ball screw assembly, we can take care of it, whether it be a bent screw, a broken journal, stripped threads, or a damaged bearing diameter.

We carry a selection of additional parts in the case of any emergency ball screw repairs, helping to further decrease any downtime with replacements to fit flawlessly within your damaged system. For more information on our emergency ball screw repairs, get in touch with Wedin international today.