How Ball Screws Are Used in Industrial Applications

How Ball Screws Are Used in Industrial Applications

Ball screws are known for their versatility and as an integral part of applications within numerous industries. One category in which ball screws are prevalent is the industrial industry. This article will explain how ball screws are used in industrial applications.

How Does a Ball Screw Work?

A ball screw is a tool designed to convert rotational motion to linear motion within an application. A ball screw apparatus is made up of a threaded shaft, a nut, and a set of ball bearings that reduce friction between the screw shaft and nut during movement.

Ball Screws in Industrial Applications

Because of their qualities and benefits, ball screws are a good choice for many industrial applications that function using the conversion of rotational motion to linear motion. Below, we’ll explain the elements that make ball screws a good fit for many industrial applications, and delve into a few specific examples of industrial applications that use ball screws.


Industrial machinery often must operate with extremely high precision or under particularly heavy loads. Ball screws excel in both of these areas, surpassing their lower accuracy and lower load-bearing cousins, the lead screws. Because of their ball bearings, ball screws are able to reduce friction within industrial machines, making operation smoother and extending the machine’s lifespan. This quality is important in industrial settings when a machine will often perform the same task repeatedly in rapid succession. Ball screws are also valued for their ability to perform high-speed movements, and speed has historically been valued within most industrial facilities.

Types of Applications

Ball screws are used in a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Machine tools
  • General robotics
  • Milling machines
  • Food processing equipment
  • High-precision assembly equipment
  • Industrial robots used in manufacturing
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

And this is only how ball screws are used in industrial applications, let alone their many applications in other industries!

If you’re considering incorporating a ball screw apparatus into an industrial application of your own, Wedin International, Inc. can provide you with the appropriate ball screw products to complete your setup. Soon, you’ll be reaping the many benefits of utilizing ball screws in your industrial applications.