A Quick Guide to a Ball Screw Rebuild

How Are Ball Screws Rebuilt?

When a ball screw is no longer working properly or shows signs of wear, it may need rebuilding. Understanding how ball screws are rebuilt is essential to keeping your machinery running properly. In this article, we’ll discuss how to know when a rebuild is necessary, and the steps it takes to rebuild the ball screw.

Does It Need Rebuilding?

Regular maintenance checks are a part of the everyday routine when it comes to a company’s machines or robotics. These routine checks are a great way to see whether ball screws are operating efficiently. Here are a few signs to look for to see if a ball screw needs help:

  • Lack of lubrication
  • Corrosion
  • Chipping
  • Worn out threads or ball bearings
  • Bent shafts
  • Dirt

These are several areas of the ball screw to keep an eye on and repair if necessary. It’s better to make minor repairs than to let it go too far, which can cause a delay in production and increase the need for a completely new ball screw.

Steps To Rebuild

When it looks like your ball screw needs repair, use the following steps:

  1. 1. Disassemble the ball screw: In order to find all of the dirt and grease, take the ball screw apart.
  2. 2. Thoroughly clean all parts: A solvent or cleaning fluid works well to dissolve dirt and grease within the ball grooves and threads of the ball screw. Clean the ball nut assembly by flushing it well, wipe everything dry, and relubricate.
  3. 3. Examine threads: Look for corrosion and chipping from friction and chemicals.
  4. 4. Replace ball bearings: Replace missing or worn ball bearings. Change the size of bearings if needed.
  5. 5. Lubricate and oil: Never run a ball screw without proper lubrication and oil or you’ll wear it out quickly.

Professional Ball Screw Repair

Rebuilding a ball screw requires a thorough knowledge of each intricate part and how ball screws are rebuilt. We recommend you turn the ball screw over to a professional for repairs. Replacement is an expensive investment, so of course, a rebuild is the better option when possible. When seeking help for the ball screw rebuild, find a company that understands the urgency of your situation when machinery is down.

Wedin International is the trusted provider for all machine tool drive components, including custom ball screws for all of your production needs. If our quick guide to a ball screw rebuild didn’t solve your problem, send it to us. We won’t return your rebuilt ball screw until we’ve tested it ourselves to make sure it’s in new working condition, or we can send a ball screw replacement. Contact us, and together we’ll build an efficient motion and linear control system