Ball Screw Repair vs. Replacement: What To Choose

Ball Screw Repair vs. Replacement: What To Choose

When your ball screw assembly is down, your operations will pause unexpectedly. Getting things back up and running is imperative. In this type of situation, there are two options. First, you can choose to purchase replacements from the original equipment manufacturer, though this is an expensive route to take. The second, more cost-effective and beneficial option is to work with a ball screw repair expert. Figuring out which route to take for your assembly can be difficult. Let us help you. For ball screw repairs or replacements, learn which option to choose by following our helpful guide.

Why Ball Screws Fail

Before discussing the differences between repairs and replacements, it’s crucial to know why your assembly may have failed in the first place. Possible causes include:

  • Electronic and mechanical malfunctions, typically caused by exceeding load capacities.
  • Exceeding the critical speed.
  • Past machine crashes that were never properly examined or repaired.
  • Improper maintenance.
  • Improper alignment of the equipment, which can cause side loading of the ball nut on the ball screw.

If you have experienced any of these issues, you will need to either repair or replace the parts and components of your assembly. Learning more about each option will help you decide which is best for your product.


When a ball screw assembly unexpectedly goes down, it’s likely in need of a minor repair or reload. This is because ball screw assemblies are made using top quality materials and are grounded to handle precision tolerances. They are built to perform beyond expectations. With that said, replacements are not always necessary.

At Wedin International, Inc., our team of experts will begin by making a full evaluation of your assembly. We are determined to find the exact cause of your problems as well as provide you with a thorough diagnosis and explanation. Then, we will determine what must be done to get your production back up and running.

From there, we create detailed drawings of your piece to use as a reference. This reference drawing is used to manufacture replacement parts as well as items for any future orders or refurbishments. Lastly, we test all repaired parts and components for optimal performance and longevity.

Repairing your ball screw assembly is a more cost-effective option than ordering replacements parts from an OEM. However, we understand that some parts of your assembly may be damaged beyond repair. Here at Wedin, we can provide you with more money-saving solutions.


For ball screw components that are damaged beyond repair, a replacement will be your best option. Here at Wedin, we offer replacement and reverse engineering services. We can use reverse engineering practices to build new parts that are made to fit old machinery. We have the capabilities to refurbish and rebuild all ball screws, gears, splines, slide assemblies, special shafts, housings, or any other type of thread form.

Whether you need a ball screw repair or replacement, the option you choose should also be evaluated and encouraged by a ball screw manufacturer. Our experts at Wedin International, Inc. will help you determine the right option for your product. We are committed to delivering fast and reliable solutions to get your production back in full gear. For any questions or inquiries, contact us today.