Ball Screw Regrinding

The last thing you want to hear when you notice that your machines are losing accuracy is that you need a brand-new ball screw assembly. Most of the time, such a drastic measure is completely unnecessary—as long as you are working with the right team.

Wedin International can offer ball screw regrinding services to get your machines back up to their usual capacity without needing to buy a new ball screw assembly. We proudly offer services that will extend the life of your ball screw while saving you time and money.

Our team routinely notices variations and discrepancies within the geometry of the thread form on the ball screw—these may be normal wear and tear, or they could be a sign that there is significant pitting. No matter the issue, we will let you know promptly whether ball screw regrinding is possible—and we will always be your first choice.

We understand that every moment without your machines up and running is money lost for you, and our team takes that seriously. Unless there is no other alternative than a complete replacement, we will always start by repairing and/or regrinding your ball screw assembly.

Make Wedin International your go-to choice for ball screw regrinding and repair. Our experts know what needs to happen to get your ball screws back in working condition with the least amount of downtime. Contact Wedin International for all your ball screw repair needs today.