Ball Screw Assemblies Used In the Automotive Industry

Ball Screw Assemblies Used In the Automotive Industry

Drivers often don’t think about what takes place to get their cars off of the assembly line and safely into their garages. Thankfully, they don’t have to—the auto industry takes care of that for them. The production of a vehicle has hundreds of intricate details. In this article, we’ll specifically discuss ball screw assemblies used in the automotive industry to gain a better understanding of how rotary motion works in our vehicles.

Braking Systems

Many people don’t realize that ball screws are a part of our everyday lives—just hit the brakes on your car and it’s already at work. In our vehicles, a ball screw turns the motor’s rotating motion into a linear motion of the brake piston, assisting the brakes in functioning.

Power Steering

When rotary motion begins at the steering wheel, the ball screw is rotated which then corresponds with the ball nut, causing it to act as a piston. The pitman arm is engaged by the ball nut and carries out the linking of the steering box to the center link, which is what ultimately moves the wheels.

Rapid Linear Motion

The ball screw is designed to assist in any rapid linear motion need and does so by converting rotary motion into the desired linear motion. Using ball bearings, the ball screw eliminates friction when rotating. Applications in the auto industry require precise, accurate, and smooth motions, and often for a continual period of time, making ball screws the perfect choice.

With less friction, low torque requirements, and an ability to run at cool temperatures, the ball screw is the answer to all rapid linear motion needs in the auto industry.

As ball screw assemblies used in the automotive industry continue, vehicles continue to improve and run with smooth motions and efficient steering and braking systems. At Wedin International, we are proud to be the trusted lead screw supplier, as well as ball screws and all machine tool drive components and motion and linear control systems. Contact Wedin International and one of our experienced associates will help you with your system’s needs.