Applications for Reversing Screw Assemblies

Applications for Reversing Screw Assemblies

A ball or lead screw is the most suitable option when rotatory motion must convert to linear motion. But in certain applications where the motion requires only one directional change, reversing screw assemblies is necessary. The applications for reversing screw assemblies are unique to their craft and are more common than we realize. Here, we discuss the functions of these screws and their applications.

The Functions of a Reversing Screw Assembly

There is a shift in directional motion in most screw assemblies, which enables the nut to return to its initial positioning. A reversing screw does not require any changes in direction, which makes it more efficient and effective.

The reversing screw houses a distinctive nut with what is known as a follower blade. These designations perfectly align with the screw’s grooves, and this line-up enables a reciprocation of motion.

Applications for Reversing Screw

Because there are various options for a ball screw and nut assembly, it’s vital to know when a reversing screw is the most necessary choice. In some instances, a reversing screw is also known as a spooling screw or a level winder. They can successfully wind heavy-duty cabling that is generally hundreds of feet long.

Two of the most common applications for reversing screw assemblies include winding ropes at constructions sites with cranes, spooling cabling on winches in offshore industries, and spooling yarn in the textile industry.

A Closer Look at the Applications

Offshore climates are harsh on equipment and hardware because of saltwater exposure and drastic fluctuations in the weather. The reversing screw can wind the cable evenly and cleanly between flanges and provides secure housing from the elements.

Level winders use a variety of materials to fit their exact application. When selecting a material, it’s essential to consider operator safety for that application. The precision of the spooling can save lives, specifically on offshore and crane sites.

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