5 Ways Ball Screws Have Shaped the Medical Industry

5 Ways Ball Screws Have Shaped the Medical Industry

Motion control is a critical component of many industrial applications, but it is of the most significance to the medical industry. Medical equipment and machines are at the forefront of patient diagnostics and treatment plans. It is essential this this technology functions accurately, efficiency, and dependably. Here is a closer look at how ball screws shaped some of the most crucial medical advancements.

1. Lab Conveying Equipment

The precision required in a lab conveying system enables technicians and engineers to perform their daily tasks effectively and efficiently. A ball screw assembly offers total control to various pieces of lab equipment while reducing noise and friction and increasing repeatability. The screw and nut design accommodates the requirements of instrumentation.

2. Blood Pumping Devices

When a medical procedure occurs, and a blood-pumping device is necessary, a ball screw assembly is in place and plays a critical part in a successful completion. The ball screw assembly aids in the separation of blood inside the pump mechanism. A few other common pumping devices for this assembly are cardiac surgical units and dialysis equipment.

3. Digital Scanning and X-Ray Technology

For digital scanning and X-ray technology, a lead screw works in tandem with an anti-backlash nut to create a flow of repeatability. These assemblies are responsible for driving the printing and scanning mechanisms. Generally, a customized nut is required to accommodate unique materials or space constraints.

4. Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is integral to medicine because it allows cancer patients to receive the necessary treatments. The linear accelerators deliver radiation treatments with extreme accuracy. This accuracy is vital to ensure only the affected areas receive medical treatment while the surrounding tissue remains unfazed.

5. PET, MRI, and CT Machines

Another common way ball screws shaped the medical industry is in PET, CT, and MRI machines. The patient’s bed rolls in and out of the imaging tunnel, and this process requires a ball screw mechanism to control and convert the motion.

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