5 Industries That Use Ball Screws in Production

5 Industries That Use Ball Screws in Production

The primary function of a ball screw is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or vice versa, depending on the configuration. Both of these functions are extremely useful in a variety of applications. Although their application will vary in different industries—from robotics to motion control and everything in between—this conversion to linear motion is necessary in more production processes than you might realize. To illustrate, let’s look at industries that frequently use ball screws in production.

Food Processing Equipment

Production efficiency is a top priority in food processing equipment. To achieve a streamlined operation, the machinery requires precise motion conversion. Machinery components must be corrosion-resistant to withstand the various products and performance requirements. Robots with ball screw assemblies contribute to packaging boxed cereal, boxed dairy, baked goods, and more.


The actuator systems in aircraft rely on the precision of the ball screw assembly. These actuator systems are in the primary landing gear and nose landing gear. The ball screw assembly plays a significant role in an aircraft’s ability to come to a kneeling position, which creates efficiency in loading or unloading cargo.


Robotics deals with the construction and operation of robots in various industries. Wherever a mechanical arm is necessary, such as in medical applications, AI, and precision in motion, you will find a ball screw assembly. Because ball screw engineering enables precision, robotics is one of the most significant applications.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines present an excellent visual representation of a ball screw assembly’s motion conversion capability. A directional change is necessary, and the assembly takes the linear motion and converts it to rotary motion. This conversion enables wind power to transform into electrical energy. The ball screw must work with other critical components, such as a generator, a flywheel, and a one-way clutch.


One of the primary industries that use ball screws in production is the auto industry. Ball screws are present in the braking, suspension, and wheel systems. Generally, if your power steering system is experiencing an issue, you can inspect the ball screw assembly, which functions similarly to the ball screw in a wind turbine. The suspension system helps control the bouncing and jumping that can occur.

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