4 Tips for Increasing the Life Span of a Ball Screw

4 Tips for Increasing the Life Span of a Ball Screw

Ball screws are fundamental assembly devices that contribute to a machine’s ability to provide and control its motion. Naturally, they will experience wear and tear, but there are several things a facility can do to help increase their life span and avoid costly damages. Let’s take a closer look at four quick tips that play a role in how well you manage the integrity of your ball screw assemblies.

Proper Machining Alignment

The installation of the ball screw must be correct. Improper machining alignment is the fastest way to degrade the ball screw and increase wear, decreasing its life span and increasing expenditure.

The result of an improperly aligned ball screw could also cause damage to the corresponding machine and result in costly repair or replacements. Ensure a trained and certified engineer installs the ball screw and performs any repairs to maintain alignment demands. Consider having the same engineer perform all alignment maintenance regularly.

Environmental Cleanliness

It’s vital to ball screws that their environment is clean and well maintained. This includes the workspace, machining area, and team members’ designated areas. An unclean workspace poses a significant risk to all involved, including the ball screw.

Dirt, debris, and dust are unavoidable in machining processes. Implementing a safety and sanitization checklist for designated work areas is essential to ensure team members are doing their part to combat this issue. When ball screws pick up an excess of debris, they become inefficient and can throw entire machines into failure.

Adequate Lubrication Measures

Lubrication plays a significant role in the overall health and viability of ball screws. It’s vital to use adequate lubrication upon installation and perform routine exams to ensure the lubrication is intact. When the ball screw begins showing inadequate lubrication, it’s best to reapply more to help avoid costly damages.

Without lubrication, ball screws risk heat damage, alignment issues, grinding in the threading, and poor accuracy. Partner with a certified ball screw manufacturer to ensure you use the correct lubrication for your ball screw, machining, and environment.

Pre-Installation Care and Handling

Before installation, most ball screws should arrive at a given facility in secure, protective packaging. Ensuring this packaging is intact and that the storage location is viable for the ball screw is critical to its performance and life span. When a new ball screw experiences increased environmental pollution or abrasion, you risk its integrity and put its vital components, such as threading or nuts, at risk of avoidable defects.

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