Ball Screw Uses & Benefits.

Ball screws translate rotational motion to linear motion. They work using a ball bearing system, which is what makes the ball screw unique when compared to other screw systems. You’ll find many ball screw uses throughout several industries and even in daily life. The benefits make the ball screw worth considering when you need motion control.

The Benefits of Ball Screws


There are several ball screw uses—and also several benefits. They don’t just get the job done; they also do it with precision, accuracy, and minimal friction. Below is a list of those benefits:

  • Little to no friction means less heat and less wear and tear on the ball screw and machinery
  • Ball screws work well in applications that require strict precision
  • They’re highly accurate with an efficiency rate of up to 98 percent
  • Ball screws easily run at continual high speeds without damage
  • Ball screws have a long life when well maintained
  • They come in varying diameters that are customizable
  • Ball screws require less torque when compared to lead screws

As you can see, there are many ball screw uses and just as many benefits. For prolonged use, efficiency, and less wear and tear, choose the ball screw to get the job done.

Ball Screw Applications


A ball screw does its job when rotational motion translates into linear motion. Industries such as robotics use ball screws for motion control. Although they’re often found in manufacturing and other industries, most of us rely on them every day and don’t even realize it. Let’s look at which applications tend to use ball screws:

  • Power steering — to assist the steering rack
  • Aircraft — control surface movement
  • Machine tools — for rotary motion
  • Robotics — for rotational movement, especially in robotic arms
  • Wind turbines — for positioning and blade pitch

While these are common areas for this tool, as more applications translate rotary motion to linear motion, the ball screw is applied.

This tool is simple yet highly effective. The many benefits—and the ball screw’s ability to fulfill any application requiring the translation of rotational motion to linear motion control—makes it the best choice for an accurate and efficient job. At Wedin International, we are proud to offer the highest quality ball screws for all your motion control needs. Contact us; together, we’ll find the best solution for the task at hand.