Ball Screw Applications.

At Wedin International, we strive to be the best and most trusted manufacturer for ball screws, acme screws, reversing screws, and more. We go above and beyond to ensure that any product you buy from us is up to the task. By transforming rotational motion into linear motion, ball screws have many applications for which they excel in providing solutions, completing the system all while providing great results. We meticulously machine, assemble, and test each of our ball screw assemblies to ensure their proper function when paired with any application you use it for.

Because of their simple but highly effective and important nature, ball screws are used for many different applications, industries, and products. Any instance where rotational motion needs to be translated into linear motion, there is a great chance a ball screw is being used in some way to help the process, oftentimes without you even noticing. For example, many drivers don’t realize that their power steering system depends on a ball screw to operate, transforming the rotation of your steering wheel in linear motion that turns your wheels in the direction you choose. Other common applications of ball screws include ball screws that move extruders within 3D-printing processes and other similar industrial machining and milling processes, like CNC machining. With a growing popularity in many forms of robotics, ball screws have become more widely used to create motion in a robot’s “limbs.”

Since ball screw assembly doesn’t produce a large amount of friction, requires less torque to function when compared to other processes, and operates at a cooler temperature than similar systems, ball screws are useful in many applications. For more information on how our ball screws can help you with any of your mechanical operations, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to help build the ball screws for you.